The Executive Gym allows managers and team members to learn and practise skills on the go!

The Thinking workouts enable bite-size learnings, making the learning experience effective, enjoyable, and easy to integrate during work hours.

The learning experience serves as a rich ground for self-development as well as for organisational growth processes.

The Executive Gym- Workouts Package

    • The workout's learning process combines working with the game challenges together with learning tools and strategies for everyday life.
    • The process provides small bites of meaningful learning that encourage active learner practice.
    • The process introduces guidelines for reflective thinking and transferring concepts to authentic situations in the learner's personal and professional life.
    • In strategy games, there is the option of playing together - this is a great motivator that encourages interpersonal interaction.
    • The learning process is structured to allow one to progress at a personal pace, according to the individual level and according to the learner's time availability.