Accelium’s Problem Solving Project introduces students to ‘The Detective Method’, an analytical and systematic problem-solving approach that uses critical questions to disassemble complicated problems into smaller, more accessible material.

The project introduces 4 different problem solving tools which stem from this method. Each tool is discussed from a number of perspectives, strengthening students’ understanding of the project’s main topic.

This multi-perspective approach enables students to resolve social conflicts, work out complex maths problems, manage their own lives with less adult intervention, becoming more confident and independent.


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Problem Solving Project (Y1-Y3)

    • A 16-weeks learning process
    • Benefits for Y1-Y3 students
    • Progjects combine direct instruction using the Accelium Learning Map with independent personal exercises on the Accelium System
    • Content is connected to the OECD recommendations
    • Using the Accelium app, the learning process can continue seamlessly after school
    • Ongoing professional guidance and teacher support throughout the project
    • Game-based assessment provides focus and evaluates learning outcomes