In this workout you will get to know and practise a thinking tool called the ‘Stoplight Method’. The method will help you to manage change. The Stoplight Method is a meta-cognitive method that emphasises our ability to detect changes ahead of time and adapt ourselves to different situations.

The game in this workout is 2 Flags. This is a two-player strategy game in which you must conquer the opponent's flag by harmoniously using five scouts (game pieces). To win, you will need to create a plan and execute it while overcoming the opponent's threats.

Accelium Pro Thinking Workout- Dealing with a change

  • The workout's learning process combines working with the game challenges and assimilating learning tools and strategies for everyday life. The process provides small bites of meaningful learning that encourage active learner practice. The process incorporates guidelines for reflective thinking and transferring concepts to authentic situations in the learner's personal and professional life. In strategy games, there is the option of playing together - this is a great motivator that encourages interpersonal interaction. The learning process is structured to allow one to progress at a personal pace, according to the individual level and according to the learner's time availability.