Accelium Score is an innovative web-based assessment tool that enables educators to test students' skills in an efficient and engaging way, providing unique insights on each participant. The test can be introduced with  students from years 4-10.


Accelium Score can be beneficial to schools when introducing learners from Junior into Middle/High School. The engaging games-based assessment puts learners at ease and enables educators to gain a picture of those hard to recognise capabilities which provide a more holistic view of an individual 


Accelium Score assessment tests are based on mind games, requiring participants to demonstrate a broad range of thinking abilities and 21st Century skills: analysing data, solving problems and making decisions.


Accelium Score analyses the student’s decisions and chosen solutions during gameplay, identifying their thinking patterns and operational style. The game challenges become progressively more complex, providing effective criteria to determine students’ proficiency in each skill. The summary report contains rich diagnostic information about significant skills.


Test duration: 30 min.

Score 410 Assessment

    1. Analytical ability
    2. Quick thinking
    3. Efficiency
    4. Performance under pressure
    5. Flexible thinking