The Accelium Maths project provides an immediate and compelling experience. When combined with our innovative didactic approach the program encourages self-examination and personal accountability and contributes to a high involvement and commitment to learning.

The Maths Project is founded on a desire to give students a fun and challenging tool to practise basic concepts in mathematics, learning abilities inclusive of high order thinking skills, to improve their mathematical literacy and combat anxiety.

The main topics in the project align with mathematical concepts taught in primary schools and include: familiarity with numbers and their characteristics, applying operations, data analysis, systematic and orderly thinking, planning and organisation, and more.

Accelium Maths Project (Y1-Y6)

    • A 10-weeks learning process
    • Focused on Y1-Y6 students
    • Projects combine direct instructions using the Accelium Learning Map with independent personal exercises on the Accelium System
    • Content is guided by OECD recommendations
    • The learning process continues seamlessly after school using the Accelium app
    • Ongoing professional guidance and teacher support throughout the project
    • Game-based assessment provides focus and evaluates learning outcomes and impact