The world of parents, educators and the workplace are striving to address the challenge of equitably providing pathways to enable students to grow and thrive in a marketplace that increasingly demands agile and innovative lifelong learners.


How can we help our students to achieve, demonstrate and develop the 21st century skills and capabilities they will need to thrive into an uncertain future?


Introducing the Accelium 360 Assessment Tool


The games-based testing arena utilises the most advanced evaluative technology to create an immersive, compelling, accurate, and easy to use test environment. This test is designed to captivate and invoke authentic behavioural responses and effectively simulate a wide range of cognitive and emotional challenges.


Test duration: 50 min


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360 Assessment for High Schools

    • Strategic Thinking
    • Analytical Ability
    • Efficiency
    • Flexible Thinking
    • Planning
    • Execution