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In October2017 'The Educator Magazine 2017 Hot List was published featuring 50 of the many deserving colleagues who were identified as innovative educators and leaders in ther Australian Sector. View Article here.

I am honoured and humbled to be featured.

I believe this recognition reflects on the collective efforts of all involved with the Mind Lab

methodology and community including my colleagues around the world who work in innovative

ways to develop the cognitive and affective skills and competencies of our students in all

partner schools.

I have been fortunate to work closely with many students, teachers and parents over the 10

years since I took the crazy (?) decision to move on from a wonderful school-based teaching

and management position.

The time was right as I felt confident I had discovered a methodology to counter the frustrations

of students seemingly unwilling to engage with the challenge of thinking and needing to

learn how to learn.

I am particularly grateful to both the leaders of Scotch College and Wilderness School in Adelaide who had the foresight to shift their focus from knowledge to inquiry back in 2008 and continue to include Mind Lab (and now also Accelium) in their educational offerings to enhance the contemporary skills and competencies of their students.

They paved the way for the numerous other partner schools in Independent and Public education who look to Mind Lab and Accelium to assist them to focus on Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social and Ethical capabilities.

I acknowledge the leaders of St Andrew's School, who utilise Mind Lab as a provocation for their work with the IB PYP and who have blossomed in the international value-added opportunity of the Mind Lab Olympics competition and at St Peter's College where we work to develop and make visible individual character strengths as part of their Positive education framework. Also, Paringa Park Primary School where the methodology has formed an integral part of their approach to 'Powerful Learners' and to St Peter's Girls who have quickly assimilated Mind Lab Classic into Junior Primary and now intend to grow throughout the Junior School in 2018.

I have recently been told by more than one Principal that 10 years ago was too early for innovation such as Mind Lab and that the time is now.

So, be aware that Accelium EDU is our newest innovation, a blended learning approach comprising multimedia lesson plans explicitly teaching transferable thinking tools, an online portal powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence and importantly the capacity to provide timely evidence of learning and growth.

This will undoubtedly be our biggest growth area in the near future as it provides data in those contemporary competencies of the General Capabilities in an engaging, challenging and easy to implement, game - based environment. And importantly it is focused through 16 lesson 'Projects' which contribute to the interdisciplinary delivery of curriculum and STEM methods of thinking.

Burnside Primary and Pulteney Grammar have now implemented Accelium EDU with great success and join Wilderness and Scotch who have added Accelium to their existing 'Classic' offerings to build and extend on current practice.

Should you see the possibilities of forming a partnership and would like to have a discussion please contact me at or 0407 605 314.

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