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Training for an ever-changing battleground

Accelium Tactical Adaptation Training (TAT) is our game-based training program for military field officers and NCOs. The program focuses on developing trainees' capacity for flexible thinking, resilience, and adaptive response – all critical skills for the hyper-dynamic challenges of the modern battlefield.

Accelium TAT combines game-based assessment, face-to-face instruction, and mobile virtual coaching. It features a 2-player tactical war-game called "Tactico", designed specifically for the program, and was developed in cooperation with Brigadier General (Ret.) Dr. Meir Finkel, Head of IDF's Center for Interdisciplinary Military Studies.

The IDF Officer Training School launched Accelium TAT this summer as a pilot program, and it was received enthusiastically by the training staff and cadets alike. Read an initial summary of the pilot program, published in the prestigious Military Simulation & Training Magazine's 6th issue. MS&T's complete digital issue can be read here.

Additional TAT courses, aimed at higher ranking officers, have already been commissioned following the successful implementation of the program in the IDF Officer Training School. These include the company level Tactical Command Academy and battalion level Command and Staff College.

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