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Why do we take games so seriously?

Accelium director speaks at the HR-EXPO 2017 exhibition

Last week Accelium took part in the largest Human Resource event in Israel – HR-EXPO 2017 at the Tel Aviv Convention Center. The annual exhibition included 5 professional conventions covering training, recruitment and organizational development, and attracted human capital managers from diverse companies in different market sectors- hi-tech, retail, logistics, national security and more.

During the show, Accelium Israel director Nadav Agozi gave a talk titled: “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

The lecture discussed the increasing worldwide use of games in human resource development, reviewed the efficacy of game-based learning and evaluation and demonstrated the specific process used in Accelium for evaluation and development of thinking skills in a corporate setting.

The basic premise of the lecture was that despite its growing popularity, game-based training is still viewed by many as a trend or at most an enjoyable side-track from "serious" training efforts. Nadav's presentation argued that this misconception is bound to change, a fact that has already been acknowledged by the world's leading brands including Toyota, Coca Cola, LG, EBay, P&G and hundreds of other companies, who integrate game-based training in their core HR development process. Nadav cited two main reasons for this: First, game-based assessment cost-effectively provides accurate and exclusive insights about current and future employees.

Second, game based training is diverse enough to develop most critical skills required for employees in a dynamic global economy. The talk included examples of how Accelium evaluates planning, task switching, time management, performance under stress, adaptive thinking and persistence. It also demonstrated how a specific 3-stage problem-solving strategy can be transferred from the game context and managerial issues. Both the talk and Accelium stand at the show drew considerable attention.

Bonus: Below you can download the English promotional materials used at the exhibition: 3 roll up signs and a promotional sticker "My Strategic Edge".

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