• Chris Ramsden

Case Study: PROTALIX Accelium Pro boosts thinking in dynamic Biotech Company

Protalix is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development, production and commercialization of recombinant therapeutic proteins. The company operates in competitive, knowledge-intensive markets, requiring employees and managers to handle dynamic and highly complex challenges

In November 2016, Protalix launched the Accelium PRO Talent Development program, targeting leading hi-potential employees and mid-level managers.

Program goals:

  • Expose participants to innovative strategic tools.

  • Inspire participants to reflect about their roles.

  • Boost motivation.

  • Stimulate a free, profound, cross-organizational discussion.

"The essence and mindset of Accelium is perfect for thinking organizations like ours, where employees are constantly facing intellectual challenges." Daphna Shelly, VP Human Resources

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