What Makes you Great?

To be successful in an environment of accelerated global competition, one needs the right skills. We need to know how to; read the map, see the big picture, choose a strategy, adapt the plan to the changing environment and achieve results. Effective individuals and groups require a unique balance of critical skills that allows them to learn, adapt and innovate. To achieve great performance and personal growth, we must know and understand our strong skills and our weaknesses.
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Improve individual and team performance through game-based skills analysis!

Choose the Right Path for You


Unleash Your Full Potential

and Achieve Your Goals

What are your strengths? and your weaknesses? Effective individuals (and groups) must answer these questions honestly. They are the foundation for personal growth and development. Accelium offers game-based tools that will help you utilize and maximize your personal abilities! Accelium's thinking tools will teach you the principles of personal growth and allow you to independently and daily ask the right questions for continued growth and development. Our growth processes include a game-based skills test followed by eye-opening personal thinking workouts that will help you evaluate and improve performance through strategy games.

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An Immersive Personal Experience

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2. An elaborate user report is generated, characterising your skill levels, your decision-making style, and behavioural patterns. Data is compared to local and global benchmarks.

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1. Enjoy the 360 game-based assessment -

Rich user metrics are collected and analysed: your game performance, user behaviour, your error rate, you're learning curve, etc.​

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3. Based on the results, you will set goals and get thinking workouts to practice and support your goals. ​

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Accelium Pro

Drive Your Personal Growth

  • Powerful, easy to use skill-development methodology

  • Immersive game-based experience for an individual training

  • Cutting-edge online assessment system

  • Access to cloud-based training system

  • Advanced Web App 

  • Hours of fascinating, exclusive content​


You can GROW with us!


Love Letters

" The process really fascinated me, provoked me, helped me release my mental fixations towards my day-to-day conduct. This process opened my heart and allowed me an honest and genuine acquaintance with myself. "


Self-employed graduate student, Herzliya, Israel

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