Would you like to create positive IMPACT while attending this EDUTECH CONFERENCE?

You would - great, please read on!

At Accelium we believe that everyone has the capacity to do good things for our world.

By yourself, it can be difficult to change the world.

But by yourself you can change the world for one person...then another...then another.

That's why we're educators, isn't it?  And as educators, you are living that every day.


Thank you!

But not all kids get a fair go and some around the world desperately need our help.

And no amount of help is too small.

You are invited to take part in this competition with a difference.

As you can see below you can help to provide educational

opportunities for others worthy of our care and consideration.

Wherever you are right now you can know that you are partnering with Accelium

and the B1G1 organisation to positively impact the lives of people we may never meet.

And you might just win one of the prizes highlighted below.


First Prize

Your choice of one of our School Projects for one of your teachers and their class for 2021 or 2022

VALUE - $495

Second Prize

Skills strengths and gaps assessment (410) for one of your classes

VALUE - $250 

Third Prize

Choice of an individual assessment for you or one of your teachers

VALUE - $Various

How can I enter the competition? 
There are 2 ways.

1. Book in on the button below or in the conference app for an 'Appointment with Purpose' where we can discuss your needs and potential benefits of partnering with us, no high pressure here we're also first and foremost educators just like you.
Quote EDUTECH competition in the contact form and you will be entered  into the draw.
Once we have met I will provide 50 days of Education for Children in the World on your behalf.

2. Should you simply wish to contribute yourself you can select one of the worthy causes highlighted below. You can still book into an Appointment with Purpose as suggested above and even more positive impacts will be created.

"How does it work?"

Should you click on any of the “Give now” links above you will be taken to a webpage of the registered charity  www.b1g1.com .


100% of your giving will be passed over by them to the projects you have chosen to help – with no deduction of any kind, not even for credit card charges.


And your giving will be ring-fenced – so it can only be used to fund the outcome you have chosen to support.

You will receive a message of thanks and chairty giving receipt for your records.

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