Accelium educational solutions use strategy games to captivate students' imagination, evaluate their skills and develop critical and creative strategic thinking, personal and social capabilities, including self-awareness, focus and persistence. The immersive, hands-on experience fills students' toolbox with practical strategies, preparing them to grow and thrive as they face the complex challenges of the global age.


Find the right Accelium product for your school

Bring cutting edge game-based skill development to your school

In-class skill-development courses

Accelium EDU gives you engaging, research-proven tools to fascinate your students and develop their thinking skills. Harness the power of strategy games to teach practical methods, effectively preparing students for the real challenges of the 21st century.


Innovative game-based student assessment

21st century assessment requires 21st century tools

Test students' skills in an efficient and engaging way, providing unique insights on each test-taker.


Game-based professional development programs

Teach to empower

Accelium Academy uses mind games to inspire the way teachers think and teach. Based on the field-proven Mind Lab Method, the stimulating game-playing workshops help teachers develop their thinking skills while learning powerful mediation techniques.


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Accelium Teacher

Add an advanced game-based methodology to your professional tools. 

Master mediation, storytelling and guided reflection and construct an exciting space where every student is engaged.



"The Accelium Effect"

Boost academic results

Reach disengaged students

Inspire and motivate teachers

Engage students and parents at home

Improve ICT literacy

Evaluate & improve critical skills


Problem Solving

Decision Making

Logical Thinking

Flexible thinking


Managing Emotions


Self Discipline


Teamwork & Cooperation
Communicating Effectively
Dealing with Competition
Accepting Others