Game-based blended-learning programs

Effectively build 21st Century Skills 

through immersive game-based learning programs

Accelium EDU develops cognitive, social and emotional skills using games. It blends fascinating in-class instruction with individual game exercises. By uncovering practical strategies used by Chess Masters and Game Theory experts, Accelium gives students powerful tools for the real challenges of modern life.

  • Engaging, game-based digital experience

  • Rich, structured, and inspiring course curricula

  • Extensive teacher training and support

Curious about content?

Develops the ACARA General Capabilities:

  • Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Personal and Social Capability

Why Accelium?

Multiple Benefits

  • Accelerates students’ interdisciplinary thinking skills

  • Develops higher-order contemporary skills

  • Engaging: strong intrinsic motivation

  • Building a toolbox of practical strategies

  • Empowers teachers and inspires innovation

  • Provides powerful tools for bridging and mediation

  • Brings General Capabilities to life

  • Provides actionable data

  • Well-structured curricula, full of rich content

  • Engages students and parents at home

  • Connects to schools’ core curriculum

  • Data adds to a rounded profile

Scientifically proven methodology




Game-based, digital learning, simulation and exercise using Accelium

Metacognitive models and strategies for more effective problem solving, decision making, analysis... and more

Transfer insights and strategies learned from each game to various real-world situations and challenges

 What Australian students and teachers are saying:

I think it is effective because it’s not just a fun game, it’s really challenging and you have to persist and try harder.

Year 5 student

Pulteney Grammar School, Adelaide.

   Accelium ties in nicely with elements we are already doing, such as powerful learners... developing resilience... all in a creative and engaging way.

Daniela Coscia - Year 5 Leader, Burnside Primary School, Adelaide.

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