Improve individual and team performance through game-based skills analysis!

What Makes You Great?

To be successful in an environment of accelerated global competition, one needs the right skills. We need to know how to; read the map, see the big picture, choose a strategy, adapt the plan to the changing environment and achieve results. Effective individuals and groups require a unique balance of critical skills that allows them to learn, adapt and innovate. To achieve great performance and personal growth, we must know and understand our strong skills and our weaknesses.

Choose the Right Path for You


Introduce Game-Based Innovation to your Clients!

Offer your own clients a comprehensive set of cutting-edge game-based assessment and skill development solutions!
Used by Organisational experts in 40 countries worldwide, Accelium Pro is a game-based skill-development program for professionals. Whether you’re training individuals or an entire organisation, Accelium Pro gives you an innovative way to build critical skills such as Analysis, Planning, Flexible Thinking, Resilience, and more! Accelium Pro empowers you with a powerful methodology, a cutting-edge training app, advanced game-based assessment and diverse immersive content.


Accelium Pro

Cutting Edge Training App

Continuous Engagement

The Accelium Coach app lets program participants apply and exercise the concepts they learn in the workshops.  With 24/7 cloud access available for desktop and mobile devices, exercising thinking skills soon becomes a motivating, ongoing process.

Choose Your Focus

The  virtual coaching experience is focused on different skills: Analysis and Deduction, Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Adaptive Thinking. Learning is divided into workouts, each introducing a different game building and reviewing a distinct set of strategies and tools.

Enjoy  - Learn - Repeat

Bite-sized learning segments allow your learners to exercise in small, incremental steps, encouraging iteration and improving long-term retention.

Use Accelium's powerful methodology

Become a Certified Accelium Professional

If you are an organisational consultant or a personal coach looking to add innovative game-based tools to your portfolio, this opportunity is for you. Add to your solutions with our comprehensive training tool complete with an effective methodology, fascinating content, and advanced personal app.

Load your toolbox with advanced constructive training techniques






The Accelium Effect

Boost any training with excitement and motivation

Be the catalyst that enables employees to improve their skills the fun way, anytime, anywhere. Enjoy fascinating bite-sized exercises, high completion rates and improved long-term retention.

Inspire a thinking, innovative culture in your organisation


Generate new solutions and ideas

Appeal to dynamic managers and employees


Love Letters

"  I have conducted a number of feedback processes based on the Accelium tools. I have to say that in general, both my clients' experience and my own was very good. The Accelium assessment correlates strongly with their self-assessment and provides them with even more accurate insights. "

A consultant working with Accelium tools

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