Tactical training programs for military commanders



Developing the ability to overcome surprise may be the most urgent challenge facing armed forces today. The cognitive and mental skills of commanders, and above all their capacity for adaptive thinking and resilience, are increasingly becoming the decisive factors in armed conflicts.

Accelium Tactical Adaptation Training (TAT) turns well-grounded tactical and strategic theory into a concrete, stimulating experience, using games. It helps junior officers and NCOs develop a flexible mindset that will allow them to respond resiliently to any surprise in the field.

    The solution to technological and doctrinal surprise lies not in predicting the nature of the future battlefield or obtaining information about the enemy’s preparations for the coming war, but in the ability to recuperate swiftly from the initial surprise.

IDF Brig. General (Ret.) Dr. Meir Finkel


True Active Learning

Using the game to simulate different tactical dilemmas, the workshops allow trainees to gain practical insights from a challenging, hands-on experience.

Mind-changing workshops

Accelium TAT combines immersive class instruction with online simulation in a game-based virtual coaching environment.

Put things in context

Historical case studies are reviewed to add perspective and help trainees transfer the models learned onto the realities of the battlefield.

A powerful game

Designed with the field commander in mind, Tactico is a 2-player war game where each player uses 5 different military units to overcome the opponent's defence and conquer their base. In order to triumph, trainees must use their forces harmoniously, finding a dynamic balance between offensive and defensive moves.

A lifetime to master

Simple enough to learn in a few minutes yet rich enough to simulate numerous tactical situations- Tactico effectively encapsulates many core dilemmas of modern warfare.

Resilience inside

As the training advances, trainees are confronted with multiple variations in the game, requiring them to constantly reevaluate and readjust their tactics.

Dynamic opponent tactics -

Constantly adapt to new enemy behavior.

Varying weather conditions -

Adapt your tactics to limited visibility, blocked routes, and debilitated troops.

Introduction of a new technology

Incorporate new units in your tactical plans and find effective responses to new threats posed by the opponent.

Geographic surprise

Readjust your plans to fit the physical constraints of the battle arena.


Lieutenant E., section leader, IDF

      I think the game really develops thinking, much like chess, and my section really took to it