Game-based talent acquisition and development tests

Human Resource Management

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Get a more comprehensive view of your employees and job applicants.

Test critical skills in a fast, effective and engaging way, providing unique insights on each test-taker.

Game-based assessment

Advanced mobile app


cloud access

Accurately screen job applicants

Gain valuable information about applicants' thinking patterns, management style, work pace, and problem-solving style. Distinguish more clearly between candidates with similar backgrounds.


Discover hidden talent

Identify latent potential in employees of higher intuition and innate intelligence, which make them natural candidates for managerial and administrative positions.


Improve performance reviews

Exclusive insights provide depth to employee reviews, enabling managers to offer more personalised and meaningful feedback.


Promote the right people

Analyse the full spectrum of employee capabilities including "soft" skills and single out high potential individuals


Streamlined assessment process

Test quickly and get a rich, multi-dimensional report. Enjoy an in-depth analysis - based on the identification of behaviours and thinking patterns.



A positive experience

Accelium Talent is a fun, interesting game-playing test, with no prior knowledge or preliminary instruction required. Game rules are learned during the test.



Maximum flexibility

Accelium Talent supports multiple concurrent test-takers. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and no monitor presence is required. You can even test employees and applicants in the comfort of their own homes.


decision support

The summary report includes three views on each group of test-takers.

Group results

A summary of the tested group's results, compared to similar groups. Learn about the group's abilities, its strong suits and skill gaps.

Comparative assessment of thinking skills

Compares the thinking skills level of all individuals within the group. Highlights group outliers and dominant thinking styles

Personal Report

Details of each group member's individual results. Get an accurate feel of individual performance, use smart filters and export features to quickly reach critical decisions.