Innovative game-based student assessment

21st century assessment 

requires 21st century tools

Test students' skills in an efficient and engaging way, providing unique insights on each test-taker. Accelium Score uses game challenges to evaluate a broad range of thinking abilities and 21st century skills: data analysis, problem solving , and complex decision making. During gameplay, the system analyses test takers' decisions and chosen solutions, identifying their thinking patterns and operational style.

Game-based assessment

Advanced mobile app

24/7 cloud access


Identify skill gaps

Accelium Score highlights knowledge and skill gaps between groups of students and classes, indicating subjects requiring improvement, and focusing administrative attention on individuals and groups who require it.

Feel the pulse

Quickly get a snapshot of students' skills by class, across year level, or schoolwide. The test informs your decision making with exclusive information, unavailable from any other assessment tool.

Unlock student potential

Accelium Score's testing method reduces test anxiety and identifies capabilities unrecognized in conventional subject-matter testing. The assessment report reflects life skills such as decision-making, adaptability and flexible thinking, and can help identify students with unfulfilled academic, leadership or creative potential.

Measure educational effects

Thanks to Accelium Score's engaging nature, it's easy to periodically repeat test to measure the influence of educational projects and processes on cognitive abilities and contemporary skills.

Support critical decisions

The student skills snapshot constructed by the system can help guide teachers and educators by uncovering latent processes and providing a factual basis for the evaluation of educational and social initiatives.

Streamlined assessment process

Test quickly and get a rich, multidimensional report. Enjoy an in-depth analysis - based on the identification of behaviours and thinking patterns.

A positive experience

Accelium Score is a fun, immersive game-playing test, which requires no prior knowledge or preliminary instruction. Game rules are learned during the test.

Maximum flexibility

Accelium score supports multiple concurrent test-takers. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and no monitor presence is required, so you can test students at home.