Game-based professional development programs


Teach to empower

Accelium Academy uses mind games to inspire the way teachers think and teach. Based on the field-proven Accelium Method, the stimulating game-playing workshops help teachers develop their thinking skills while learning powerful mediation techniques.

Inspiring teacher training


Interactive games


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Build critical skills

Improve teachers' most important competencies: Problem Solving, Decision Making, Creative Thinking, Resilience and more.



Gain advanced teaching techniques

Enhance teachers' toolkit with powerful constructive techniques such as game-based mentoring, mediation, critical dialogue, near & remote transfer of knowledge.



Empower teachers

Develop confidence and self-esteem in a nurturing environment.



Promote in-class innovation

Inspire teachers with a fresh, exciting approach to teaching. Allow them to explore their paradigms and exercise thinking "outside-the-box".

The workshops

        The Accelium



4 hours

An introduction to the Accelium Method which combines an engaging master-class experience with ongoing virtual personal coaching in Accelium.

Theoretical Background

An introduction to the psychological and pedagogical theory that inspires the Accelium  Method.



Get to know the fundamental concepts, principals and process of the Accelium Method.


Game Based Learning

Learn to use the game-playing experience as a catlyst for reflection, critical analysis and empowerment.


Methods & Strategies

Learn how to take effective game strategies and apply them to real-world problems and daily-life decisions.




8 hours

This 4-session course combines engaging face-to-face master class sessions with ongoing virtual coaching in Accelium. Participants' personal experiences serve as a basis for discussion and transfer.



Analysis & Deduction

Feeling stuck? Can't find a solution that works? Learn to analyse complex situations and simplify them.


Problem Solving

Learn to break down seemingly unsolvable problems using step-by-step analysis.


Decision Making

Is there a right way to make decisions? What can assist us in making good decisions? Explore essential decision making concepts.


Flexible Thinking

Learn to respond effectively to various forms of change. Deal with uncertainty and discuss its cognitive and emotional aspects.