Boost your skills with effective strategy games

Enjoy new tools and strategies for life

Helping you to develop 

cognitive, social and emotional skills

with your students using strategy games.

Developing the ACARA General Capabilities of Critical and Creative Thinking and Personal and Social capabilities are the bedrock of our partnerships with schools in Australia.

Based on the scientifically proven Mind Lab methodology and adopted in over 30 countries worldwide, our unique learning process blends class instruction, personal coaching and state of the art digital learning. For the past 23 years, schools and students just like yours have been introduced to the powerful strategic tools used by Chess Masters and Game Theory experts for analysis, problem-solving, and decision making, helping them become more effective, methodical and resilient.


a new generation of thinkers

Take your students, teachers and parents on an exciting journey of reflection and personal growth. Empower your teachers to develop their students' vital cognitive, social and emotional skills using game-based tools and learning strategies.

Accelium is based on over 20 years of experience with the Mind Lab Method - a highly effective and successful methodology, adopted in over 30 countries worldwide and benefitting students, teachers and schools here in Australia since 2007.

Empowered by

game-based mediation

Build critical skills

across your organisation

Recruit, train, and develop the most creative and resilient professionals. Accurately evaluate the most vital higher-order skills, then engage leaders with exciting game-based content to create an ongoing skill-development process.

The perfect tool

for contemporary skill development

Game-based, active learning improves your students' long-term retention

Involve your learners with delightful digital games and fascinating multimedia content.

Creates an ongoing learning process that captivates your learners wherever they are

Provides your students with powerful strategies and heuristics helping them solve complex real world problems

Cost Effective

Engage learners worldwide using existing infrastructure